Repamera is a company based in Malmö, Sweden where you can repair your clothes or get it tailored – online! The company works in-house with their own tailors as well as outsourced ones for more difficult repairs.
The work as a graphic designer was to create a new look and feel for the homepage as well as the printed material. Repamera recently created a new logotype and wanted their other material to fit – which was my job to do. I worked both as the graphic designer as well as art director together with the CEO Henning. I came up with different icons and logotypes, and even suggested an update on the logo and symbol representing their brand.
A6 "service card"
Printed card that is sent to the customer, with a bag where the customer packs their clothes or bags, with a description of how the service works. The back of the card contains rows where you can add more information about your order.
A7 "thank you-card"
A printed "thank you-card" that is sent to the customer with the repaird or tailored clothes. The back of the card contains a discount code you can share with friends and family.
Pattern from the R-icon, connected to eachother with the thread. Visible on business card and tote bag, but also useful for other bags and merchandise.
Digital icons
The digital pictograms for the website with a three-step-guide on how to use the service online.
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